One thing causes the other

Original reasons
Part 1: Where and what would I be if ...

And just today, I wonder what and where I would be today if my Italian father (born in 1928) in the period of 2 World War II in Germany would have been treated badly. My father was a musician and played the accordion. Even in his youth, he earned his money with the music and so it was that he set up in Germany in the early 1940s. He hoofed it as a fourteen-year-old in Germany around wherever it was to make something with the light music. He landed among others in a German prison camp somewhere in Bavaria, there to entertain the officers and guards with his music.

I do not necessarily handle this story as a political matter, but rather I would like to describe the life of my father at that time in Germany for the actual start because of my own life as a German in Germany. At that time it was my father a lot better than many other little Italians. In the prison camp he had a warm room, and plenty good to eat, and the German soldiers admired his music art. He got gifts, gratuities and recognition.

Well, it could have turned out quite differently: If Mussolini was not an ally of the Germans at that time, my father might also come into this German camp, but not a favorite of the soldiers but possibly even as a prisoner, and with great suffering. But all this is only the pre-story ...

My father then went back sometime in his native Italy and then had more music engagements with orchestras in many European countries - and after the war, among other things back in Germany. Meanwhile, he met twenty-three on tour in Switzerland show an Austrian dancer - just my mom - to know and love. They married and eventually landed back in Germany ... and stayed.

So my parents remained in Germany because my father had very good memories of this land, yes, and that is the reason why I'm not Italian, Austrian, French, Belgian or Swedish. I am a German European, and that's a good thing. After all, here I have my wife, so know my great love. Here I had a fun school, an illustrious youth, I have a "regular" job, and I have no fear for the future. Fear for the future? Well, I think so at times with the Europeans in Greece, Spain, Portugal or Italy.

So if everything would have been different with me, maybe I would be today in Italy or France also as a traveling musician, perhaps as a cook or a vegetable seller? Would I then say "Grazie" or "Merci" instead of "Danke"? Would I have a happy marriage, too?

Anyway, one thing causes the other…

12.8.13 06:00

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