The Italian Cuisine - Forget Spaghetties and Pizza

My relationship with Italy

I had four wonderful years in Italy, I lived there for work reasons. I am half Italian, and I have seen almost all of this country - not to mention the original cuisine of its regions. I grew up in Germany and everything I knew to Italian cuisine until then, were adapted dishes to the taste of German food in the pizzeria - restaurants, which were often run by non-Italians. In Italy, it was not long until I discovered that for example to a "Carbonara" there belongs no cream. Also a real "Bolognese" consists of more than just ground beef, tomatoes and onions. Also I was very impressed by the excellent "Arancini" in Sicily.

So you Brits, Americans, Norwegians, French, Spanish and Balkan nations: Stay tuned for what I have to tell you about the true Italian cuisine. In many Italian cooking methods you will probably be some kind of curious and of course amazed…  


The Italians and the philosophy of taste

If you think that the Italians would be world champions by being romantic or by making love you surely have not experienced when it comes to cooking and eating. The non-expert might view the Italians enthusiasm when eating as exaggerated, but I can guarantee, while eating the Italian is absolutely authentic, as he lets his emotions full run. Have you ever listened to an Italian with a good meal? That's "La Traviata" - yes, it is an opera with full occupancy. While eating a good meal his judgment about it includes words like "eccezionale - fuori dal mondo - un poema "...
Well, the Italians and their food are like Apollo and the moon, like Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, as Jesus and Mary - just a solid unit.

The Italian culture of food is pretty straight - almost stubborn but after all without missing any creativity: Foreign influences in the cuisine are inconceivable. The so-called "Cross-Over Cuisine", this manner they are rather leaving to English-speaking countries, to Germans or to Scandinavians. The Italians would never distort their dishes with Asian ingredients such as curry, ginger or coriander; exclusively domestic products are used in the Italian cuisine. This really is the charm of the Italian cuisine.


Don`t miss the next following pages with the description of some authentic dishes of the Italian regions!

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